M Resourses is a trading, consulting and investment company focusing primarily on the metallurgical coal industry. Established in October 2011, we currently have metallurgical coal trading operations in the main ports of Australia, including Newcastle, Gladstone, Mackay and Abbot Point. The company currently sources its coal from eight metallurgical coal suppliers.

M Resources, based in Brisbane, is focused on trading coking coal, including hard coking coal, semi hard coking coal and semi soft coking coal as well as PCI coals and thermal coal for steel manufacturing industries worldwide. These materials are becoming widely used in the steel mill industry due to the benefits they provide such as improved productivity and overall reduction in production costs.

M Resources also offers consulting services to steel manufacturers, banks, investors and other industry players in every aspect of the metallurgical coal business and facility operation. We provide expert advice and valuable knowledge in areas involving coal quality assessment, utilisation and blending techniques, value-in-use and coal utilisation, coal specification and resource evaluation. These services are highly beneficial in improving the success rates of steel mill operations.

M Resources was established by Matt Latimore, who has extensive experience in various aspects of the metallurgical coal business. M Resources coal technology manager Ross Stainlay is a well-regarded expert in metallurgical coal evaluation. Together with some colleagues in the metallurgical coal industry, he has formulated a value-in-use model for PCI evaluation, which provides valuable insight into use of PCI in blast furnaces.