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Matt Latimore

Before building M Resources, Latimore was General Manager for Sales and Marketing at the Curragh mine of Wesfarmers Ltd. He handled sales and marketing of the unit’s metallurgical coal products to steel mills worldwide. He also handled sales and marketing of the company’s thermal coal to power utilities in Australia and in other countries. Latimore has successfully managed rail and port contracts as well as quality and finance responsibilities. Latimore was a Director of Curragh Coal Sales Pty Ltd. Prior to his position at Wesfarmers, he held several positions at Mitsui & Co in Australia and Japan.


Ross Stainlay

A qualified mining engineer, Ross Stainlay, is the manager of coal technology in M Resources. With more than 30 years of experience in the coal business, Stainlay is highly regarded in the metallurgical coal industry for his knowledge in the field. He has visited numerous steel plants worldwide and has presented in many industry conferences. With the help of colleagues in the field, he has developed a value-in-use model for PCI evaluation.

Prior to joining M Resources, Stainlay worked for 10 years as General Manager for Marketing at Jellinbah Resources, and more recently, has held technical posts in Felix Resources, Xstrata Coal and Salva Resources. His first work in the coal mine industry involved process metallurgy at coal preparation facilities in Queensland and NSW.

Cameron Tasker

Cameron is the Manager of Coal Technology and Marketing at M Resources.  His previous experience includes various roles within BHP Coal spanning 10 years and prior to that, significant periods at Jellinbah Resources and Wesfarmers Curragh.  More recently Cameron was Manager Coal Technology (Metallurgical), at Xstrata Coal Queensland.

His degree in Engineering (Metallurgical with Honours), coupled with his operational, managerial, technical and marketing roles across the industry and extensive visits to overseas customers with particular emphasis to international steel mills, sees Cameron with a very strong and diversified background.